Mantaray Island Resort | Tom & Poppi | Fiji Wedding Photographer

They met while both were backpacking around the Yasawa’s in Fiji several years before. It seemed so fitting that they return to say I Do just the two of them, choosing Mantaray Island Resort as their magical location.

An elopement is such a personal choice. When a man and a woman choose to wed without the knowledge of family and friends back home.  It such a private powerful display of choice on how a couple chooses to start life as a married couple.

I loved Poppy and Tom. They were so excited and yet so relaxed on their special day.  We spent just 2 short hours with them but every moment was a delight and they were just as excited about getting home and sharing their big news with family.

Thank you for choosing Leezett Photography to capture your beautiful Fiji Elopement.

Wedding Dress – Grace Loves Lace

Jewelry – Samantha Wills

Resort – Mantaray Island Resort

Bridal Flowers – Mantaray Resort

Hair and Makeup – Bride

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