Terry & Terri – Ann | Fiji Engagement Session


Ohh how I adore E sessions. They are so much more valuable than what couples sometimes understand, and this is why I promote them

An E session is an Engagement session done with a couple during the days of their engagement. Its an opportunity to capture a very very special time in a couples relationship. An E session can be done at any time during a couples engagement time. Often we shoot E sessions just days before the big day 🙂

But there is a little more to a E session, especially if you are choosing a destination wedding and a destination wedding photographer.

We often dont have the privillage of meeting our clients until their wedding day but when there is a E session booked, its a fantastic opportunity for us photographers and clients to meet, to hang out and get to know each other better and to also give clients a taste of how things will work on their wedding day with their photography.  PLUS it yeilds great images that are fun relaxed and not in your wedding attire 🙂

Meet Terry and Terri -Ann.  A gorgeous couple of Qld Australia whom were married recently at Mana Island.

They chose our Whole Kit and Caboodle package (being revamped and re released soon!!) which meant they had a E session booked as well as wedding photography and a Trash the Dress session.

Meeting them for the first time was awesome, they were staying at the Radisson before boating it out to Mana Island for their wedding celebrations.

We spent a lovely afternoon together at a isolated beach at Denarau and really got to spend some quality time before their big day.

Anyone whom has had a E session will say,, wow,, thats taken away my nerves of how things are going to work on the big day.  And indeed it does,, they see how we work, they see the results in the back of my camera, and straight away they are at ease that they are a indeed a photogenic couple that look great in images and will look great in their wedding images also.

Let me show off the E session of Terry and Terri – Ann


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