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Rebekah and Shane were a fantastic couple bought up in country NSW in a small town called Cootamundra.

I knew I liked Bec from day one but when I found out she was from the small rural community I instantly had a connection.. It was nearish to the town I grew up in and my grandmother visited Cootamundra often so talks of the town brought back lovely memories for me.

Bec and Shane were long term sweet hearts, they wanted to get married by the sea in paradise and thats exactly what they did.

Bringing their family and mates they spent several days celebrating becoming Husband and Wife.

Thank you so much for choosing us Rebekah and Shane, we loved every minute with you both


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2 thoughts on “Shane & Rebekah |Hideaway Resort | Fiji Wedding Photographers

  1. Thank you so much Leezett! Your amazing skill has captured the joy and happiness of our babygirl’s very special day with her soulmate Shane.
    You’ve provided us all with everlasting memories and Bek was tickled pink to have you as her photographer,

    1. Thank you so much Victoria for taking the time to leave us this message. It was such a honour to have spent time with your family that day and capture two beautiful young souls say I Do. Its a day I will remember for a long time xxxx

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