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Often when we think of destination weddings, we think of loved ones back home whom are not present on the day. Many photos are taken, videos too, so that they can relive the day with the couple on their return.

But for Katie and Ryans day that wouldn’t be enough. Katie’s beautiful little nephew was un expectantly at home fighting the biggest fight of his life and undergoing chemo therapy.

When I saw Henrys photo in a frame for the front seat, I had to boldy ask more, because Henry was only 2 years old.

Katie explained their situation briefly and I immediately thought about the day and how important it was to involved Henry and his mum so they could witness the ceremony.

We went into over drive and set up Skype on my laptop so no one would have to miss out.

There wasnt a dry eye in the house when the beautiful Katie entered the chapel to marry her prince.  Everyone was there as it should be.

Ryan and Katie said I do and and eruption of cheers and clapping filled the room.

A little update –     Katie and Ryan are expecting their first little baby, and gorgeous little Henry is still fighting but doing better 🙂LeezettPhotography0011 LeezettPhotography0014 LeezettPhotography0022 LeezettPhotography0050 LeezettPhotography0057 LeezettPhotography0058 LeezettPhotography0063 LeezettPhotography0077 LeezettPhotography0088 LeezettPhotography0100 LeezettPhotography0101 LeezettPhotography0117 LeezettPhotography0125 LeezettPhotography0127 LeezettPhotography0129 LeezettPhotography0142 LeezettPhotography0146 LeezettPhotography0149 LeezettPhotography0157 LeezettPhotography0165 LeezettPhotography0168 LeezettPhotography0175 LeezettPhotography0182 LeezettPhotography0185 LeezettPhotography0189 LeezettPhotography0202 LeezettPhotography0221 LeezettPhotography0271 LeezettPhotography0274 LeezettPhotography0280 LeezettPhotography0282 LeezettPhotography0283 LeezettPhotography0319 LeezettPhotography0323 LeezettPhotography0334 LeezettPhotography0347 LeezettPhotography0373 LeezettPhotography0374 LeezettPhotography0427 LeezettPhotography0434 LeezettPhotography0440 LeezettPhotography0442 LeezettPhotography0450 LeezettPhotography0486 LeezettPhotography0498 LeezettPhotography0505 LeezettPhotography0521 LeezettPhotography0535 LeezettPhotography0540 LeezettPhotography0547 LeezettPhotography0553 LeezettPhotography0612 LeezettPhotography0616)

Thank you Ryan and Katie for choosing Leezett Photography as your Fiji Wedding Photographers

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  1. An amazing day never to be forgotten. Thank you Leezett Photography for making it possible for our Sister in law and nephew to be a part of Katie & Ryan’s day

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