Matt & Pia | Sofitel Resort & Spa | Fiji Wedding Photography

*Sofitel Island Resort & Spa*

Matt & Pia

Sofitel was fantastic, nothing was ever a problem. They kept every thing relaxed and running to plan like pros. The Sofitel staff were so lovely and helped looked after the kids and keep them happy and entertained which made everything run well. Rhythm of the pacific did some Polynesian dancing and a fire dance, the guests and children really enjoyed this- fantastic value and great for adding to the Fijian vibe on the day. We used DJ Will, great music and very professional had us all up dancing the night away especially the kids!

As for Rusila, I am so grateful for her wonderful work. I am not very photogenic at all. I always feel awkward in front of the camera and don’t know what to do but Rusila was so fun and relaxed and made us feel so comfortable. She told us what to do, how to stand and took all the hard work out of it for us. We cannot thank her enough.

Matt & Pia thank you for choosing Leezett Photography as your Fiji Wedding Photographers.

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