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Oh my goodness,, where to start with the wedding of Jerusha and Luke. Firstly, lets give credit where credit is due.. Rusila and Seva captured their wedding just gorgeously.. I know that everywhere they looked there was something beautiful to photograph but what the viewers may not notice in these images is that the gorgeous bride and groom had not long got off a long flight from the United States of America, were exhausted and really honestly had changed their minds from having bridal portraits done… So much so that Rusila in her gentle loving way,, insisted that they reconsidered.. She knew they would regret it if they didnt take the time needed and have a few moments with the camera on the beach.  And of course once the day had passed and they had received their images,, they were ever so grateful to Rusila for her wisdom and persistence.

Heres where the credit is due, the difference between a average wedding photographer and a good one is no matter what time frame you are given, or location, you can make magic happen,, and thats what Rusila did.  A amazingly gorgeous couple, but extremely tired, a beach and a very limiting time frame.. Rusila is just a gem.

Now lets chat Jerusha and Luke.   Jerusha and I chatted about their day and she seemed to me to be a woman whom knew what she wanted, there was no mucking around and what I loved about her is that she fully 100% trusted her chosen photographer Rusila to capture their day perfectly.  So much so that she mentioned it on “I was married in Fiji” a few times.

I loved their look, their chosen location, their set up both at the ceremony and reception.  And her hair and makeup,,, how perfect is it, Vinaka Vaka Levu Silver Strand.  One of our highly recommended wedding hair and makeup stylists.  I honestly cannot recommend them enough.

Then there is the bridal party. Hello,, is it legal to have this much gorgeousness in one group of people?

Thank you Luke and Jerusha for choosing us for your magical day on the beach in Fiji.  I know Rusila and Seva had a ball watching your day unfold and even more fun capturing it.  Vinaka

Leezett x

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