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The wedding of Amanda and Joel was simply gorgeous.

So gorgeous that I asked Amanda to describe their wedding day and why they chose Fiji.

When a couple go out of their way to organise fireworks for their guests you know its going to be good.

I cannot thank you enough Amanda and Joel for choosing me as your wedding photographer.  It was an honour and we thoroughly enjoyed documenting your special day.

Why we chose Fiji
The idea of having a Fiji wedding initially came up after searching for options in Australia. We live in Townsville and all of our family live in other parts of Australia as well as having siblings overseas. We first joked about doing a destination wedding but once we started researching venues we realised how comparative prices are how much more you get for the price. We ran the idea by our families before we made our decision as we didn’t want to book something and then have the most important people, not t be able to make it, once they said they would come it was decided and we began our research.

Warwick Resort and Spa Fiji

We chose our venue after researching the different packages available and reading a lot of reviews. We also worked with a travel agent to narrow down the venues to suit our needs. We had kids traveling with us so we wanted somewhere family friendly, that had great food options and a beautiful beach. The Warwick did not disappoint! The staff were amazing, and resort grounds were beautiful. You really do switch to Fiji time when you enter the resort. We met with the wedding planner two days before to plan the minor details and our wedding planner Una did the rest. It was so easy to sit down for an hour and choose the minor details and let the hotel do the rest while we enjoyed our time with our family and friends. I couldn’t have asked for a better day and a more beautiful wedding, every detail was perfect and the hotel was so accommodating.


We used Leezett Birch from Leezett Photography to capture our special day. We chose Leezett after viewing her work and reading lots of reviews. Photography was one of the first things we booked to ensure we got the people we wanted, we booked Leezett around 18 months in advance. Leezetts work speaks for itself, her photographs are stunning and capture moments perfectly. We liaised with Leezett and her team through emails during the planning phase, then met her on the morning of the wedding. We booked a package which gave us two photographers for 12 hours so we really did have every moment of our special day recorded. Leezett was so easy to work with, as soon as she arrived I felt like I had known her for years. She put everyone at ease and made it so easy to work with her. She was so organised with every aspect of the day and making sure she got all the photographs we wanted. Her photos perfectly captured the day and we couldn’t be happier with the memories that we will have forever.
Hair and Makeup 

Hair and makeup perfectionist. I booked in Ash specifically based on pictures of his work and his reviews. His work is stunning and he is so easy to work with. I had an idea of what I wanted but let Ash do what he thought was best. My bridesmaids, mothers and I all commented on how amazing we felt.
Wedding Dress 

Erin Clare Couture – I worked with Erin to custom design based on one of her dresses. My dress was a corset bodice with 3d flower embellishments made from silk tulle. we also added a tulle skirt to wear over the dress for the ceremony and photos then took it off for the reception. Full length veil was also by Erin Clare.

Shoes -Peeptoe
Jewellery – Samantha Wills Earrings
Cuff and Hair comb – Anna Campbell

Joel suit – Connor pants and vest, country road shirt and belt. Vans Star Wars shoes (x2)
Bridesmaids dress – forever new. Grooms pants by Connor and country road shirt. vans shoes.

Decorations – Marquee lights – Typo. We also had little touches from friends back home that couldn’t make it to Fiji. We tried to keep the decorations we took over to a minimum to reduce our luggage going over.

Bonbonniere – we made our guests hangover kits for the morning of the wedding, these included sunglasses, eye masks, panadol, Berocca, chocolate, mints and a personalised key ring. We wanted this to be a fun aspect and something our guests would use. Needless to say we had a fair few people rocking the sunnies and thanking us for the panadol the next morning.

Fireworks – We wanted to include something on the night that we new we couldn’t do in Australia, Joel and I both love fireworks so this was always going to be a winner. Our guests loved being able to watch them get set off right on the beach in front of our reception, and lots of other hotel guests came out of their rooms to watch the show.

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