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Adam and Jess decided to have a Fiji Wedding long before their special day arrived. Choosing the Whole Kit and Caboodle Package would mean Jess and Adam were going to see us several times before we would eventually part. The first encounter would be in 2015 when we captured their engagement session near Nadi leading up to their big day in 2016.

You can see more of that E-session HERE.

(We love it when we get to meet our clients before their big day through an Engagement Session.  Look at some of our previous E sessions HERE. You are not engaged forever and a memory of that time through images is something special)

Around that time we all connected on Fb though our private profiles and it was then that I got to understand them little through their wanderlust spirits. Watching them travel all over the world, collecting and creating amazing memories that would fill a lifetime of storytelling.

Instead of us walking into a hotel room with anticipation of first-time meetings, we walked into two hotel rooms in friendship.

Jess and Adam choose The Warwick Resort for their special day.  Located on the Coral Coast of Viti Levu its a popular location for couples saying I Do.  You can see more of our gorgeous Warwick Weddings HERE.

Family and friends arrived, and each handed beautiful banana leaf cones filled with tropical petals to shower the bride and groom as they exited as Husband and Wife.

Jess chose the Olenna Gown from Australian Designer Sofia Tolli at L’Amour in Blackburn Victoria.  Jewellery was from Swarovski.  Bridesmaids dresses were from Mr K Dresses, and Adams dapper suit was from RDX.

Jess chose fresh local foliage and white flowers for their bouquets, and nothing beats the look of gorgeous local flora complimenting the theme of a beautiful Fiji wedding.

The couple provided reception Music via iPod, and their crowd danced the night away with entertainment from the Manakilagi Cultural Group

Thank you, Adam and Jess for choosing Leezett Photography as your specialist Fiji Wedding Photographers.

Both Rusila and I had a fantastic time capturing your day and even lovelier time getting to know you and being envious of your amazing travels over the past 18 months.

FYI – Adam and Jessica are currently in the Sahara Dessert enjoying the final days of their amazing honeymoon. (totes Jealous)

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Her something blue. Painted blue toenails. Too cute!Fijiweddingphotographers0014 Fijiweddingphotographers0015 Fijiweddingphotographers0016

Adam & Jess decided to see each other for the first time with no guests looking on and in a private environment on the beach.  Known as the First Look, couples get to experience moments of togetherness dressed as a bride and groom before the teary eyes of guests and their cameras look on from isle seats.  You can see more of our “First Look” couples via our blogFijiweddingphotographers0017 Fijiweddingphotographers0018 Fijiweddingphotographers0019 Fijiweddingphotographers0021 Fijiweddingphotographers0023 Fijiweddingphotographers0024 Fijiweddingphotographers0025 Fijiweddingphotographers0026Fijiweddingphotographers0027 Fijiweddingphotographers0028 holding hands newly married Groom and coupleFijiweddingphotographers0031

Loved Jess’s choice of bouquets using local fresh foliage and flora.Fijiweddingphotographers0032 Fijiweddingphotographers0033 Fijiweddingphotographers0034 Fijiweddingphotographers0035 Fijiweddingphotographers0036 Fijiweddingphotographers0037 Fijiweddingphotographers0038 Fijiweddingphotographers0039 Fijiweddingphotographers0040 Fijiweddingphotographers0041 Fijiweddingphotographers0042 Fijiweddingphotographers0043Fijiweddingphotographers0044 Fijiweddingphotographers0045 Fijiweddingphotographers0046 Fijiweddingphotographers0047 Fijiweddingphotographers0048 Fijiweddingphotographers0049 Fijiweddingphotographers0050 Fijiweddingphotographers0051 Fijiweddingphotographers0052 Fijiweddingphotographers0053 Fijiweddingphotographers0054 Fijiweddingphotographers0055 Fijiweddingphotographers0056 Fijiweddingphotographers0057 Fijiweddingphotographers0058 Fijiweddingphotographers0059 Fijiweddingphotographers0060 Fijiweddingphotographers0061 Fijiweddingphotographers0062 Fijiweddingphotographers0063 Fijiweddingphotographers0064 Fijiweddingphotographers0065 blowing fire fiji wedding Fiji Wedding fire show Fiji Wedding Photographer Warwick Wedding sparkler portrait Fiji Wedding Photographer Warwick Wedding dancing couple gold candle Fiji Wedding Photographer Warwick Wedding dancing bride Fiji Wedding Photographer Warwick Wedding solo dancer Fiji Wedding Photographer Warwick Wedding tattoo dancing couple Fiji Wedding Photographer Warwick Wedding mother of the groom dancing Fiji Wedding Photographer Warwick Wedding couple dancing Fiji Wedding Photographer Warwick Wedding father dancing Fiji Wedding Photographer Warwick Wedding Fiji Wedding Photographer Warwick Wedding

See more of their day through their Cinematography video created by Turbo Productions based in Melbourne

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