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Anyone that follows my work knows how much I love a fabulous E session.

Melani and Dusty had arranged for a sweet sunset E session the day prior to their gorgeous wedding day.

Just before we were to head off on our 3 hour drive to their chosen resort, I get a panic message from Melani letting me know that her pre wedding guest cruise had to be postponed to the E session time and was wondering if we could have a night E session instead.

Naturally I was a little nervous. A night Session?  As an e shoot? Hmmm why not?

I challenged myself to use the light that was around the resort to create different images and I have used my trusty flash in a couple.

I love the results, I know they do too 🙂

 FijiweddingphotographerLeezettPhotography0002 FijiweddingphotographerLeezettPhotography0004 FijiweddingphotographerLeezettPhotography0007 FijiweddingphotographerLeezettPhotography0008 FijiweddingphotographerLeezettPhotography0013 FijiweddingphotographerLeezettPhotography0024 FijiweddingphotographerLeezettPhotography0026FijiweddingphotographerLeezettPhotography0027FijiweddingphotographerLeezettPhotography0031FijiweddingphotographerLeezettPhotography0042FijiweddingphotographerLeezettPhotography0048FijiweddingphotographerLeezettPhotography0051

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One thought on “Dustin and Melani | E session Fiji | Fiji Wedding Photographers

  1. Leezett, thank you SO much for taking on the challenge of a night shoot and allowing us to collaborate with you!

    We had so much fun and are so thankful for the images that you captured of us.

    Thanks for capturing US.

    We love you x

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