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As soon as Rusila and Seva finished their day with this gorgeous couple they contacted me to say how much they loved spending time with them.  What a gorgeous couple they were and how much fun they had.

So it came as no surprise when David and Rhiannon sent in a review mirroring those exact words.

Choosing the Pearl Resort they found the perfect location for them.

*The Pearl Resort Pacific Harbour*

The choice to get married in Fiji was an easy one. We knew right from the start that we didn’t want to get married in Australia, and since David is half Fijian it made perfect sense to choose Fiji for our special day. We knew we wanted something laid back and very ‘us’, and that’s exactly what Fiji offered.

When we were looking at resorts, we initially were thinking Denarau but David’s parents did a recon mission in Fiji for us and recommended we choose The Pearl South Pacific – and it was the best decision we made. The Pearl was the perfect backdrop to our day and Melina is the most amazing wedding coordinator. Since I wasn’t a traditional bride, and didn’t really spend much time on the details (I was just too busy thinking about getting married to the love of my life!), Melina took it into her own hands to create the most beautiful and intimate ceremony and reception. I honestly can’t thank The Pearl team enough!

As soon as Ru and Seva walked into the room, I felt at ease with them. I didn’t feel any pressure to smile for the camera, and I just knew that they would capture the day perfectly. They’re so much fun to be around and went above and beyond throughout the day. When it came for David and I’s photos, it was more like we were just hanging out with our two friends instead of our photographers. I think we were laughing more than we were actually being serious – and that’s exactly what David and I wanted. I couldn’t recommend them high enough as a team. They captured our day wonderfully and any bride would be lucky to have them on their special day.

Dress: The Babushka Ballerina – Amelia Skirt, Sweetheart Bodice & Sweet Blossom Bodice.
Bridal Sash: Anna Campbell – Dupion Sash with extended length
Bridal Flower Crown: Crown of Eden
Bridal Shoes: Rubi Shoes
David’s Suit: Wil Valor
Hair/Makeup: Totoka Hair & Makeup – Couldn’t recommend them more highly, they were so amazing and made me and my mum look fantastic! I even had a couple of impromptu hairstyles I needed done (on my brothers partner and my niece) and she did them no questions asked. I was so surprised by how well my hairstyle and makeup turned out – I’m not normally a big makeup wearer, but it turned out simply gorgeous. She also took my hair idea and turned it into something even better than I imagined!

Thank you so much David & Rhiannon for choosing us as your Fiji Wedding Photographers x

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