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Jill and Andrew contacted us only several weeks before their big day. I was so honoured to be chosen that I decided to zip back home to Fiji (was on holidays in OZ) for a couple of days to capturing them saying I DO.

Jill had previously seen our work when she saw the wedding images of Tiffany and Eric at Plantation Island Resort late last year (whom they knew) and when she told me she very much was focused on having me for her day, I was truly honoured and blessed.

Its hard for me to choose a highlight because there were so many. Was it the girls who were having an absolute ball, with giggles n laughter all morning and filling in their spare time practicing for the dancing at the reception (little did I know then how amazing it would be)

Was it maybe the groom singing to his bride as she walked toward him with her parents before they gave her away.

Was it the incredible dancing/entertainment of the families welcoming their new family member.. So amazing that I filmed a little and sent it to my family to show them.

Wedding Vendors

Location: Sofitel Beach & Resort Denarau Island

Wedding Coordinator: Alesi (Sofitel)

Sofitel is such a beautiful location you don’t need to do over the top decorations because the venue itself is absolutely stunning, also the food at Sofitel for our wedding was exceptional absolutely worth doing your wedding here.

Alesi we highly recommend she catered to all our needs and if she couldn’t she would always have an alternative, she’s great to work with and such a beautiful person inside and out! Wedding coordinator is a must when you are planning a wedding in Fiji it’s a huge help especially with little details you may not know about.

Photographer: Leezett Photography

We are truly grateful and blessed Leezett was available to be part of our wedding day as our wedding photographer especially only booking her a couple of months before the big day, she’s amazing to work with, excellent communicator and she does beautiful work and we truly trust her work therefore we highly recommend her to all, we enjoyed every moment and we hope her and her team enjoyed our day as much as we did.

Wedding Cake: Taste Fiji

Louise from Taste Fiji is absolutely amazing and the wedding cake her team made was beautiful and delicious it was exactly what we wanted, we highly recommend Taste Fiji also “wedding cake taste” testing before the big day it was such an great experience and the food and drinks at Taste Fiji is amazing!

Bouquets/Buttonholes: Grace Creation

Reception Setup: Grace Creation

Our bouquets and buttonholes were beautiful and freshly made on the day of the wedding,

Grace Creation were amazing to work with such beautiful people, i cant recall how many times i changed my mind about the venue setup even on the day of the wedding we had a venue change and they were able to adapt and still cater to our needs and it turned out beautifully they truly exceeded our expectations.

Serenaders/Live Band: Kultureband

Serenaders and Live band for your wedding is highly recommended when you are in Fiji, the people of Fiji have amazing talent and Kultureband have both Serenaders for ceremony and live band for reception. Also Kultureband offer great package deals that also include Fijian culture performance. We enjoyed having Kultureband part of our wedding especially the serenaders they are truly talented.

Photo Booth: Bula Booth Fiji

Bula Booth is new in Fiji and it was a huge hit at our wedding,

The photo booth we highly recommend it was so much fun, so many props to work with and the booth itself printed out photos one for the newly weds and one for the guests, we truly enjoyed working with William who was present on the day assisting with the photo booth.

Wedding favours: Local (Nadi) Markets (Fans/Tanoa)

Perfect way on purchasing wedding favours is down at the local arts and craft market in Nadi city, just head to the markets as soon as you arrive into Fiji if you are wanting to buy big bulk, they have plenty of items at great prices and they also can personalise your wedding favours at your request.

Hair & Makeup: EEB SAMOA Hair&Makeup by Ella Mau

Ella is a true beauty and has a God given talent with hair and makeup and we highly recommend to all, she’s amazing to work with and she made us look absolutely stunning,

she was able to cater to all different skin tones and what we all loved mostly was that her make up lasted in the heat and through out the night.



Thank you Andrew and Jill for choosing Leezett Photography as your Fiji Wedding Photographers.

May you lives be filled with love x

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