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It was early 2016 when Tallara contacted me while I was in Australia asking if I would capture her Sheraton Grand Mirage Wedding on the Gold Coast.  We chatted for what seemed like forever on the phone but every minute was enjoyable.  We connected instantly as she told me of her whirlwind romance, dreamy wedding plans and her love for her man, Damien.

So how did things start for Damien and Tallara?  Her identical twin sister’s husband was working on Damien’s boat in Townsville when Damien glanced over at his phone complimenting him on how beautiful his wife was.  Something along the lines was said like, Does your wife have a sister? It was all said with a little banter but Damien did not expect him to reply that not only did she have a sister, but an identical twin sister.  After a few laugh’s Damien couldn’t believe his luck and asked to be put in contact with her.

Facebook chats turned into phone calls that turned into a friendship that then turned into love. Due to Damien’s overseas work commitments, they couldn’t meet until he was to return back to Australia.

Only Damien and Tallara could understand the connection and love they felt for each other. By the time Damien was to return home they had already committed to moving in together and getting their relationship well and truly on the road to happy every after.

Damien arrived back to the Gold Coast soon after, zoomed up to Tallara’s house, and without ever setting eyes on each other in person, they met, walked off hand in hand and took off to live happily in their new unit. Sounds just like a fairytale, doesn’t it.

Truly they are the most down to earth people I have met, two beautiful souls who found love in the most unusual way and have enjoyed every day together since.

Thank you Damien and Tallara for choosing me to capture your beautiful day.

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