Plantation Island Resort Wedding | Jayden & Megan | Fiji Wedding Photographer

We have the most amazing clients, we honestly do and each of them value the importance of professional wedding photography.

Jayden and Megan chose Plantation Island Resort for their wedding and wanted us to come over for a few hours and capture their day.

When I started to show them their photos on the beach and the results they were getting, I will never forget Megan’s face and response.  She almost cried and said to me.  We saved so hard to have you capture our day because we have seen your work and we wanted amazing photos, and they are already amazing.

What a moment to experience.

Thank you, Jayden and Megan for saving hard and giving me the honour of being your wedding photographer xx

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One thought on “Plantation Island Resort Wedding | Jayden & Megan | Fiji Wedding Photographer

  1. I can just feel the love through these photos. Thank you for capturing such a raw and honest love between my son and my daughtern n law.
    Absolutely love the photos. Thank you for capturing their moment.

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